Software development & integration

Our team has been designing, developing, fielding and supporting process-automation web applications since 2002. Our program management tools have been hailed as “game changers” by our clients. As their processes and needs have changed over the years, our flexible program management software architecture has adapted to meet their changing requirements.

Software development capabilities

Since 2004, our software development team has continuously delivered effective and intuitive automated solutions to problems of all sizes and complexities on time, every time.  Our expert developers thrive on learning and implementing new technologies and techniques to bring the most user friendly and intelligent software directly to our customers.

Our established coding standards, development processes and best practices help ensure the integrity and usability of our products.  Our software development life cycle encourages customer involvement throughout.  Our agile development process allows us to adjust our schedules and priorities as necessary to quickly provide new solutions and meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.

Our user-driven requirements elicitation process results in detailed requirements documents that come directly from the customer.  Our software design team provides detailed design documentation including high-level architecture diagrams, in-depth data and class definitions and user interface mock-ups.  A rigorous testing process helps ensure a quality product while the requirements and design documentation guarantees that we meet the customer’s needs each and every time.

Integrated data environment (IDE) capabilities

As our tools continue to evolve and enter new areas of program management, we are constantly seeking new ways to integrate with the long list of tools that are already doing their jobs well in the program management realm.  We make it a point to leverage the input and output capabilities of any existing tools to provide the most effective solutions.

Our software team has proven time and time again that we can use data in any format to output meaningful metrics and reports to support decision making at any level.  We also provide outputs to virtually any format in order to leverage the capabilities of these other tools.

Our software expertise extends far beyond our own program management tools.  With a vast knowledge of tools like Microsoft SharePoint® and Microsoft Project®, we will find the best tools to meet our customers’ needs and we help manage, maintain and ensure the integration of data throughout.


Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard provides a top-level view of the entire organization.  Focusing on high-level metrics across multiple program offices, this dashboard delivers real-time metrics at an executive level.  The various data calls are answered within the dashboard and the data is always accurate and current as it is automatically updated by the various organization’s Online PM Tools.  A wide variety of functions allow reports and graphs to be filtered or sorted in virtually any manner to get the data you need when you need it.


  • Across-the-organization look at planning and execution
  • Data calls answered within the tool
  • Filterable, sortable, printable reports
  • Data automatically updated by managed organization’s Online PM Tools

Program Office PM Tool

The Program Office Program Management (PM) Tool automates and standardizes the program office business processes and provides global access and constant collaboration in order to plan, execute and govern priorities to improve performance–all while centralizing multi-year task definition, funding requirements, forward looking critical task path, and system maturity models (SMM).  Built-in time-phased workflows allow for permission-based users to function autonomously, producing results that align with program office priorities. Agreed-upon planning tasks are approved for execution, and then detailed performance measurement begins with a variety of evaluation and forward-looking metrics.

The Program Office PM Tool ensures uniformity and integrity–being able to defend data with a trusted origin–with instant, up-to-date reporting provided via visibility into data, based upon permissions and roles. The digital “paper trail” provides access to requirements definition, tasking and funding, tracing a path for requirements, tasks, performance and earned value.


  • Risks documented and assessed
  • Explorative what-if scenarios
  • Integration with Microsoft Project® and financial tools
  • Integration with other organizations as well as other PM tools
  • Prioritization of tasking and associated risks

Warfare Center PM Tool

The Warfare Center Program Management Tool supports a standardized process to plan and execute tasking on a yearly basis.

A detailed bottom-up estimating process removes the guesswork from task planning and provides fully definitized tasking which can be submitted directly to the customer. Tasking requirements are broken down to the lowest level by specifying the labor, material, deliverable and travel requirements on a subtask by subtask basis. Risks are defined for each task and can be managed internally or flagged for customer review.

During execution, a detailed earned value is calculated on a monthly basis. Work status and actual costs can be imported with the click of a button to quickly and easily display planned, actual and projected schedule and costs.  With a multitude of  detailed reports at your fingertips, decision makers always have the most accurate, up-to-date information to make the most informed decisions.


  • In-depth task planning and approval processes
  • Tracking of both internal/external milestones and deliverables
  • Digital paper trail for requirements definition, tasking, and funding
  • Integration with other program management, planning and financial software
  • Traceability of funding, requirements, tasking, performance, earned value
  • Credibility/defendability of information–trusted origin of data