Project/program management

Project management consulting

Our Program Management methodology enables our team to plan, oversee, and coordinate project related efforts across internal and external entities on any given project.  The success of a project is achieved by assessing risks and developing effective mitigation strategies, clearly defining roles and responsibilities, implementing effective communications and reporting strategies, and managing tasks, issues and critical milestones. We incorporate Earned-Value Management (EVM) methodologies to assist in the monitoring and tracking of project performance from a budget to burn perspective as well as overall program progress. This approach allows our customers to manage and communicate project status and ensure cost, schedule and performance.

To facilitate effective management, Pioneering Evolution assists customers in developing comprehensive Program Management planning processes that encompass clearly defined tasking, business process automation, mutually agreed-upon performance-based metrics and reporting mechanisms. Our approach standardizes project plan preparation, status and financial reporting, and performance evaluations. We begin with mission understanding, requirements analysis, and work planning and to include the development of a comprehensive Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that assist estimates of staffing requirements for project execution and required resources.

Our Online Project Management Tool and Dashboard provide an integrated method of communicating program status to allow for informed decisions on strategic direction.

The Online PM Tool captures fleet requirements and allows Program Managers to propagate their priorities to their staff, warfare centers, and industry/academic partners. Detailed cost estimates and technical requirements are negotiated in the tool, and the “meeting of the minds” between Program Office and Warfare Center personnel is captured. The Online PM Tool will also align the program’s tasking to its Acquisition Program Baseline (APB), its Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and its Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD). Major milestones, including acquisition milestones, customer deliveries and other high-visibility milestones, are mapped from the IMS to the Tool and aligned with the cost estimate and the budget phasing plan to generate other forward-looking performance indicators.

The Online PM Tool provides a method for Program Managers to input quarterly cost, schedule, management and technical performance assessments of their individual executing activities as well, including both Warfare Centers and industry/academic partners. This provides a method for the PEO and Program Managers to compare the performance of executing activities across Programs and Program Offices. One interesting metric that can be derived from these data points is the Performance Assessment Consistency Index, which allows Program Managers to compare their formal assessments (such as IPAR/CPAR), milestone and deliverable achievement, fee awards and the informal quarterly assessments. High consistency between these data points indicates that we are appropriately incentivizing our vendors, by ensuring that their perceived performance matches their more objective performance as measured by meeting deliverable/milestone dates, and matches how the government has compensated them via IPAR/CPAR ratings and award fee.

Scheduling and Microsoft Project®

We guide our clients to manage their day-to-day scheduling needs based on industry standard software and known best practices. We help clients to:

  • Optimize and manage their project plans in Microsoft Project®
  • Create custom reports and views to meet the needs of stakeholders
  • Efficiently update schedules during project execution while continuously forecasting completion date and cost
  • Manage resource workloads
  • Decrease project costs and duration
  • Update schedules with actual progress and update forecasted schedule