Process improvement & performance measurement

We’re dedicated to process improvement. We have Lean Six Sigma black belts and green belts on our team with hands-on experience contributing to real, measurable improvements to the business processes of our customers. We run our process documentation and requirements gathering sessions like process improvement events, bringing the process champion and stakeholders together to map out the current state and the desired state. We collect meaningful metrics at all stages to ensure that the process improvements are both measurable and sustainable. We work across our clients’ organizations to understand and document all of the individual processes, with special care taken to analyze the process touch points. We work individually with each stakeholder organization to document and, when necessary, establish or update their business strategies, work breakdown structures, assessment criteria and business processes for the organization.

We also analyze the automation tools (if any) that our clients are using to streamline their processes. Where the current tools are getting the job done, we integrate them into a coherent, interoperating application environment. Our guiding principal is “create once, use many times,” avoiding the problem of the same data separately entered into two independent tools, where one copy is bound to eventually be wrong.

If we identify capability gaps in the current toolset, we work with the organization to determine if new functionality or reporting capabilities need to be added to the various tools at their disposal. We develop detailed specifications and timelines for implementation, deployment and training. We always leverage our substantial past experience and our customizable application framework to provide the most benefit at the lowest cost.

Flow chart depicting the recursive flow of processes, tools, and metrics.

Tools support processes to collect data, which, when queried in a meaningful way, provide powerful metrics.

Earned value and other performance metrics provide a vehicle for investigation of planned vs. actual cost and planned vs. actual work performed to assess program or contract success. While not an end unto themselves, they can identify areas for further investigation by decision makers to prioritize and allocate limited program resources. Measuring performance also provides insight into an organization’s processes and points out areas for potential performance gains. Our custom web applications take advantage of these industry-standard performance measurements, in addition to forward-looking metrics customized for the particular organization, to provide decision-makers with actionable information.